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                      Welcome to 40th Street Chiropractic!                                            

We offer the latest technology in Whiplash and Ligament Injury Diagnostics, and Corrective Treatment.

We’ve got your back. When life gets in the way of feeling well, it’s nice to know that someone is there to find and fix the problem.  With over 17 years of Chiropractic experience, and Post Graduate Certification in: Chiropractic Biophysics, Whiplash Biomechanics and Brain Injury Traumatology, Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury, MRI Interpretation, and Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, Patrick Conlin, DC, DAAMLP is a trained expert in the field of spine injury and biomechanics. Did you know that unusual symptoms such as ringing in your ears, high blood pressure, Migraines, stomach, skin and even feet problems can be directly tied to spinal misalignment? We believe that a healthy spine equals a healthy body. 

Do you have aches and pains that aren’t going away? We find unseen fractures and damaged tissue with Digital Motion X-ray. This unique Digital Motion X-Ray Machine sees the spine move in real time. Ligament injuries are often missed by traditional methods.  Digital Motion X-ray can show injuries that are missed with traditional X-ray, CT, and/or MRI Images. The next time you have unresolved and unexplained body problems contact us.

Call today to schedule an appointment. We speak Spanish ~ Se Habla Español.

We treat auto collision injuries. Accidents are traumatic and can instantly change your life. Let an expert help you achieve optimal recovery.  

We utilize the latest in whiplash neck curve remodeling technologies:  The ITRAC computerized Cervical Progressive Resistance 2 way curve remodeling traction. We have the only ITRAC in Utah.  We also offer Denneroll Remodeling Traction, Mirror Image Active Vibration Rehab, and a 3 D DOC Decompression Table for both neck and low back Disc Injuries.

We offer the following Chiropractic Techniques:  Chiropractic Biophysics, Advanced Certified, Impulse IQ mechanical adjusting tool (research demonstrated to be 35 times more effective at moving bones, senses how much it is moving the bone in real time, changes its frequency in real time to maximize movement, and beeps when it senses the bone move,)  Omni Drop table with CBP or Thompson Drop techniques, Gonstead, and/or Activator Techniques.  

We offer the latest technology to Objectively show you WHY you hurt. We offer some diagnostics that no other clinics offer in Utah including state of the art High Frequency DR X-ray system with tilting bucky and precise head clamps for Upper Cervical Diagnostics, DICOM Images sent to MD Radiologist for Confirming Instability reads, Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, (CRMA, Accurately measure instability to .02 mm utilizing 5 Methods of Instability,) Digital Motion X-ray IQ, demonstrate ligament instability and fractures in real time, 30 views per second, at a fraction of the radiation of an X-ray,) Dynamic and Static SEMG, and Computerized Duel Inclinometers, featured in the AMA Guides to Range of Motion Assessment, 2012.. This allows a more accurate diagnosis of exact location and severity of the injuries. We monitor progress with these means and functional assessment questioners. We document your care with the latest accepted technology and diagnostic codes programmed into our EHR system.  At the end of care, we offer impairment ratings, and Medical Expert Testimony.  

Cool gadgets.  We are a comprehensive Chiropractic office. Using state of the art tools to accurately and objectively demonstrate WHERE your injury is, and pinpoint WHY you hurt or have damaged posture, and accurately measure HOW SEVERE your injury is with  computerized measurements.  Patrick Conlin, DC, DAAMLP, can painlessly reshape your body to a more non-injured state to Optimize Recovery and Optimize Function and Health. We offer the best and latest tecnology to not only diagnose your condition, but to more permenenlty fix you.   We believe that you deserve the  highest quality in care


Meet the staff,

Kristena,  is the office manager, billing specialist and a dynamic part of our team. She ensures that you insurance and billing process runs smoothly.

Gaby, is our talented and bubbly medical assistant. Fluent in Spanish, she works with Dr. Conlin and performs our preliminary exams.

Julie, is our receptionist and professional greeter. She handles all our scheduling and payments at the front desk.

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Patrick Conlin, DC, DAAMLP is a Ogden chiropractor who serves Ogden and the surrounding communities in UT. Read more.
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